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  • Goal 1: Safety – Eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on Capital Region roadways and increase the security of the transportation system.
  • Goal 2: Mobility – Ensure the transportation system is maintained, operated, and coordinated to support reliable travel throughout the region.
  • Goal 3: Access – Improve transportation choices and access to key destinations for people and goods.
  • Goal 4: Equity – Achieve an inclusive transportation planning process and make investments that address historic and contemporary transportation-related inequities experienced by disadvantaged populations such as racial and ethnic minorities, low-income people, seniors, and disabled people.
  • Goal 5: Livability – Make strategic investments in the transportation system to support economic development, population growth, and housing in areas with transportation options.
  • Goal 6: Climate – Reduce the risks the region faces from climate change, improve air quality, and reduce emissions from transportation.
  • Goal 7: Resilience – Prepare for and protect the transportation system from changing conditions and natural hazards to responsibly manage the transportation system for generations to come.

Read the Objectives that define the above Goals, and let us know what you think via this survey or email at

Building the Plan

In Motion Plan - Step 1

Phase I: Data Collection

April 2023 – December 2023

Collect and compile key data and information about regional growth trends, land use, transportation and mobility, demographics, safety, and other topics in order to identify deficiencies and opportunities.

  • Regional Trends Story Map – A collaborative initiative between the Capital Region Transportation Council and Capital District Regional Planning Commission is a web-based map that converts text, data, images, and multimedia content into an interactive experience to explore regional planning trends and challenges in the Capital Region.
  • Draft Regional Trends & Conditions Report – Companion to the Regional Trends Story Map, a more comprehensive look at regional issues and trends and provide an in-depth analysis and overview of regional demographic, economic, housing, infrastructure, mobility, climate, and development trends. DRAFT NOW AVAILABLE. If you have any comments, please email
  • Congestion Management Process – Process for monitoring the transportation network to determine the locations and sources of congestion in the Capital Region, recommended strategies to address congestion will be incorporated into In Motion.
  • Coordinated Public Transit-Human Service Transportation Plan – Locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan created with the participation by seniors, individuals with disabilities, representatives of transportation and human services providers and other public transportation users. The strategies identified in the Plan will be incorporated into In Motion.
  • In Motion Public Involvement Plan – Guides public participation and engagement of the preparation of In Motion: The Plan to 2050. This Public Involvement Plan outlines strategies and methods for collecting meaningful input on the planning process, recommendations, and potential regional projects.
In Motion Plan - Step 2

Phase II: Inform 

December 2023 – June 2024

Inform the public and stakeholders of the purpose of the MTP, timeline, and major milestones, and how they can get involved and stay informed as the planning process progresses. 

  • In Motion Draft Goals and Objectives – An initial set of goals that will guide the decision-making process based on data collected, issues identified by stakeholders, regulatory frameworks, and public feedback, along with objectives that define those goals.
In Motion Plan - Step 3

Phase III: Imagine 

January 2024 – September 2024

Define the future of transportation in the Capital Region. Identify the MTP purpose, the core values and community visions for the future.

In Motion Plan - Step 4

Phase IV: Decision-making

October 2024 – March 2025

Identify specific opportunities for the public and stakeholders to provide input at key decision-making points that will affect the development of plan materials.

In Motion Plan - Step 5

Phase V: Review & Adopt 

April 2025 – September 2025

Allow the public to review and provide input on the draft version of the final plan.

In Motion Plan - Step 6

Phase VI: In Motion The Plan to 2050 

In Motion – The Plan to 2050 is comprised of an Executive Summary, subject matter chapters including a financial plan, a summary of the public participation process and additional reference documents.